The idea of a stable home after many years of moving around from city to city is making my dreams more colorful.  Our desire to run a bed and breakfast will soon be married with Rusty’s dream to live in Italy. Everything we really wanted and dreamed of is coming true.


Okay. Will someone wake me and tell me this really is happening?  Let me think… how many years has it been? Oh yeah, it’s been about 15 years since my love, Rusty, and I first talked about moving to Italy one day. “One day” seemed so far away and the years went by and our lives changed. I finally assumed that this Italy dream had died and was buried in the backyard, along with the many, many other plans that never seemed to or would never materialize. 


But wait: This dream is different. As time whisked us like a speedy subway, other ideas were like blurry figures rushing past. But this dream kept knocking at the door, urging us to let it in.  And so we pursued it and here we are, with a signed contract to a soon-to-be Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Italy. Are we embarking on a brave new life or have we completely lost our minds?  Whatever the final answer will be, we are taking this adventure together, so it’s worth it.



Come along as I blog about the blossoming of the dream.  I will be blogging about the events and obstacles, the highs and the lows, of our journey.  It hasn’t been easy so far, but for that story, you will have to wait till later.


As we join our story already in progress….


We have a contract in hand, have paid our deposit, and are waiting to sign the mortgage papers. Our story includes two Italian lawyers trying to figure out the legalities; a bank in England anxious to get the final paperwork; a British owner needing to sell her Italian home so she can close this chapter of her life; and two American buyers excited and nervous as we muddle through some of the most important decisions of our lives.