Our new home overlooks the Serchio River. From the courtyard, you have a perfect view of the mountains and the medieval castle. It was built a few centuries ago and has been upgraded throughout time.  It is three stories and has 5 bedrooms, four to rent out as a B&B. It is a typical large home of the area. It still has a lot of the original features; it hasn’t lost its character like other remodeled houses in Italy.  The ceilings have ‘travi’ (chestnut beams) and the floors have ‘cotto’ flooring (terracotta brick tiles).


The house is in wonderful condition, but we want to redesign and redecorate it to be the perfect place for us and our guests. We are installing a couple more bathrooms to give each room its own.  Europeans are used to sharing a bathroom. Let’s face it, Americans are not. It has a huge modern kitchen with a walk-in pantry. The kitchen opens into the courtyard, where, when the weather is good, we will serve breakfast. There are two living rooms: one will be a quiet sitting room, with a fireplace, and the other will be the entertainment room, with tv and a computer. Most exciting for me is that there is a room that I will use as an artist’s studio. (Not for guests to use; my quiet room.) There a few other rooms that will become our reception area and our office. It has a stone stairway that leads from a room that use to be the cantina (wine cellar) to the attic.  It really is a wonderful, wonderful place.


We will post pictures once we return from our trip this spring. I am preparing mentally for the flight but have the vision of this property in my mind as a placebo sedative.