The purchase has taken a lot longer than we thought, but there has been a lot of activity lately. Here is brief recap of important dates up to now. (Keep in mind that all our conversations with all Italian Government offices and our lawyer have taken place at the early morning hours due to a seven-hour difference.)


December 23:  Yahoooooo! We signed the initial sales contract. We were worried that the deal might be delayed again, but after frantic calls back and forth across the Atlantic, we reached a solution. All is well for now. Next, we submit our mortgage papers and wait to hear from the bank for approval. What a nice Christmas present.


January 6: Lots of activity today. The phone rang early in the morning. It was our lawyer, Fernando, leaving us a message to give him a call. I stayed in bed because: a) I was up late doing some computer work and giving in to my new addiction, crossword puzzles  b) it was way too cold.  As usual, Rusty called him back on Skype, which is our form of communication with Italy these days-its free and it works brilliantly.  Rusty gave me the good news: the ‘Notaio’ (cross between a lawyer and a property registrar) accepted to do our paperwork,  the seller’s lawyer was almost finished with his bureaucratic paperwork, and most importantly, the bank gave approval on all the paperwork we submitted.  After such a rollercoaster, it all seemed to be falling into place.


Later on in the afternoon, Rusty called to say that he had gotten an email from Fernando that the seller’s paperwork would be filed by Friday. Wow! Next week we could legally be the owners of this Villa. 


January 15: Nothing happened this week. Arrgghhhh.


January 22: We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fernando emailed today to say that the bank had been waiting on paperwork from the seller and they finally received it. The bank said it shouldn’t take long for the mortgage to be ready.


January 28: Okay, it’s been almost a week and we haven’t heard anything. But as we have been told so often, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Once again, it seems that punctuality is not an essential part of Italian life.


January 30:  Hmmmmm. Still no email and no phone calls. I see a pattern here.


February 2:  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Best news so far: the bank completed the mortgage and we have an appointment for February 12 at the Notaio’s office.  Picture this: I am doing my happy dance.


Oh, and Fernando and his lovely wife Grazia were busy this weekend: they welcomed their new baby girl, Sara.