We are trying to figure out what to call our B&B.  One requirement: it must be Italian. We want people on the web to find it easily, as many people in as many different languages as possible.  We want it to be memorable and unique. This is not at all like picking a new baby’s name from a Best Baby Names book. The marketer in me thinks it needs to be easy to spell (in English) and conveys a picture so that it sticks in your mind.  The artist in me wants it in 20 different colors and 30 different fonts. Rusty is not too discriminating when it comes to the name. A few nights ago he casually mentioned that a kooky name would be great.  I asked, “Like ‘The Three Dog Night’?” 


We keep shouting out suggestions at the strangest of times.  “What about ‘Casa Closer To The Tuscan Sun’?” I screamed through the bathroom door. (Take that, Frances Mayes!) At a local restaurant another suggestion sprang forth: ‘Villa Serenita`’ (Villa of Serenity). That one was quickly shot down because it is an assisted living center in South Florida.


Although we have come up with some names, we want to get the opinions of our friends. So, if you have read this far, please visit our poll on the ‘Ideas and Polls’ tab.  We will be making our final decision by mid-April.