Something that we had to include in our plans because we were buying overseas was currency conversion. The currency exchange rate has been a wild monster for me to understand.  The seller is British so we paid for the house in Pounds. All of the sales costs were in Euros because the property is in Italy. We also will need Euros to live in Italy. We kept track of different exchange rates: Dollar to Sterling, Dollar to Euro, Euro to Sterling, and Dollar to Sanity. Depending on the Market, the villa was going to cost $2,000 more or $5,000 less on any given day. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the fluctuations in the exchange rate.


Rusty would come home at the end of the day with an update. “Pepper, the Pound is up again. So if the sales goes through now, we will have to pay $4,000 more.”


“The Euro went down today, so should we buy Euros or should we wait?” I responded,  “Can we still buy the Danish-style sofa with the Italian leather and the German-engineered chrome legs that I want to get?” 


When we first made the offer, the Pound was very strong.  Through the autumn, we watched the Pound slowly weaken. We held our breath, hoping that it wouldn’t reverse direction before the sale.


Exchanging money is like gambling. When we finally bought Pounds, the 7’s lined up just right for us. We ended up saving a lot of dollars because of our good luck.  HELLOOO SOFA!