Our first visit to our new home will be in a couple of weeks.  We will be in Italy for almost a month. This is going to be a ‘get to know’ and ‘get things going’ trip. We plan to:

  • meet with our LAWYER to pick-up the keys and settle legal paperwork
  • go to the UTILITIES office to get all the utilities switched
  • introduce ourselves to our new NEIGHBORS (Two of which Rusty has already met and we have promised them a Wine and Pizza gathering)
  • meet with the GEOMETRA to give him our renovation plans and get him started
  • meet with the ENVIRONMENTAL  people to get the info on installing solar panels and geo-thermal heating
  • meet with an ARCHITECT about the exterior changes we want to make
  • meet with the VILLAGE COUNCIL to file paperwork and plans
  • visit the nearby VILLAGES to take plenty of photos for our marketing materials
  • go to MARKET to buy the essentials (food, water, phone, and internet connection)

The other part of the trip is to have a nice and relaxing vacation.

We plan to meet with family and friends.  Rusty’s mother is going with us and my father and brother are joining us in Italy. We wanted our first time in our new place to be a family affair. Our families wanted to be our first guests.  But they are not going to Italy without having their own duties. Rusty’s mother is an incredible seamstress who in the past has created curtains, comforters, decorative pillows, and Rusty’s dress shirts.  She will be fabric shopping with me for a few projects I have in mind.  My father is a retired developer/architect who has built and renovated buildings all over the world. He will be giving us advice on the renovations we want to make. My brother is a computer expert and a photographer who will be helping us stock up on images for future marketing and public relations materials. Most importantly, we are excited that they will be there to share with us the beginning of our new life in Italy. We are also meeting with our Italian friends from Rome, Florence, and Arezzo who want to welcome us to Italy.

On our plans are several trips to different parts of Italy with our family. Rusty is an amazing tour guide and I know that they will enjoy it very much. We want to take them to Lucca, Pisa, Florence, and a few other cities. I know  spending time with our family is going to be the highlight of this trip.

Hmmm. A  month doesn’t seem like that much time anymore. I think I will start planning a second family visit. Oh yeah…..the plane trip!!!  Nevermind.