If you voted in our poll for B&B names, you’ll notice Casa La Pace wasn’t one of the choices. But with good reason, I will tell you why we choose this name.


First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that voted. Of the listed names, Villa Mattina d’Oro (Villa of the Golden Morning) was the winner.


As we inspected the house, we noticed that atop the front door was a marker with something on it that had long faded… It is made of metal but the paint had chipped away.


In fact, we weren’t really sure of what it was; perhaps the date the house was built or perhaps the name of the family who built the house. We asked the previous owner and she wasn’t sure. She had always wondered but decided not to investigate it. Rusty, with his analytical and inquisitive mind, decided that he would. He got the bright idea to get up on a ladder, with a piece of paper and a pencil on hand, and he carefully did a rubbing. Like magic, the words appeared before him. La Pace. The Peace. He couldn’t wait to run in and tell us all about it. He was so excited.  We thought to ourselves that it was the perfect name for the B&B. Casa La Pace. The name came to us came so quickly and easily after seeing the rubbed letters on the page that I feel it was meant to be; it was waiting to be uncovered.


And so, our bed and breakfast will be called Casa La Pace. (House of Peace)


We have registered the name and have a temporary website with some information and images. www.casalapace.com