I know. I know. I have heard many times that renovations in Italy take longer than one expects. ” Everything takes longer in Italy”.   Even our Italian friends keep telling us this little bit of advice. Getting estimates and project plans are taking much longer that I thought it would. I am not the impatient kind. In fact, I am the complete opposite. Being the son of a developer, and living in a ‘could you get this done yesterday’ society, has corrupted my attitude towards work schedules .

Our geometra (contractor, project manager) had sent us a couple of estimates and project plans from a couple of Italian renovating companies. This seemed to have taken forever.  We rejected one estimate and idea because their plans were to renovate our house into a modern small hotel.  Although it has been updated throughout the ages in different modes, we want to keep the essence and rustic ‘Italian country villa’  flavor that is evident throughout the house.  

The second estimate and set of ideas are closer to what we want. We are very excited about these plans. We asked for a more  detailed work plan with Phazes and the schedule  for the work to be done. And we wait…..

We are in what pilots would call a ‘holding pattern’.  Our geometra keeps telling us to be patient.  He says he will get us the information we requested the moment he gets it.

 Finger tapping. Finger tapping.  It’s been three hours…..what is taking him so long.

Update: It’s been two weeks and we are still waiting.