We have our first guest. Well, not really.

It all started with this conversation:

Pino: I am thinking about taking a trip to Europe this summer.

Rusty: We would love to have someone stay at our place in Italy to keep an eye on the place. We also want someone to visit in the summer to give us an idea of what the summer is like since we have only been there during the winter and spring.

Pino: Hey, why don’t I………


 And so, Pino is staying at Casa La Pace for the summer. He will be there for about a month. He will be sending  us emails about his adventures and his views of Casa La Pace, Ghivizzano, villagers,  adventures, sightseeing trips, and updates for us to post. He will also be sending us images to post.

But for now, a recounting of some of his impressions from his first few days in Ghivizzano (via Skype chats):

  • The wireless Internet worked without any problems.
  • It was a warm day in the valley but it wasn’t very hot. (High: 80 Low: 62)
  •  The nights have gotten very cool. I left home without a sweater and was regretting it.
  • The neighbors are so amazingly nice.  They took me to the grocery and hardware store. They also brought me eggs to have for breakfast and cucumbers from their garden. Later that night, they even brought me a TV set so I wouldn’t feel deprived.
  • The valley is so green and lush. What a difference from the pictures you showed me when you were here in March.
  • I can’t believe how quiet and peaceful it is. (first day)
  • I can’t believe all the noise from the  neighbor’s dog and the church bell ringing as I was walking to town. (second day)
  • The house is so dark at night; no light pours in through the windows when the shutters are closed.
  • The house stays very cool even during the day.
  • It was disappointing to know that the bar in the town square was closed till Monday.
  • The other neighbors took me to a beer festival. Yes, I may be a little tipsy.

More of Pino’s adventures on a later post.