Emails from our guest, Pino:

July 17

The Albanian family next door is a rich source of fun and food. Despite our inability to speak to each other with a common language, we communicate with gestures, hand signals, limited vocabulary, and a small dictionary.


It has been warm here. Today I walked to Dico Grocery (discount grocery store) about 6:30 pm, and a bank thermometer said 36C, which is about 97F, so it must have been even warmer in midday. However, it didn’t seem that warm to me. Definitely less humid than LR, which makes a big difference.  The evening was cool and pleasant. Last night I went to (a Beer Festival in) Borgo. I came back at about 2am and by that time I was getting a bit chilled with just shorts and a t-shirt.


July 18

I went down to the Bar Sport, and found a sign on the door. They are closed from July  1 to July 19. (They are on vacation.) There was little going on this afternoon (because of siesta) and only a few shops were open.


From Ghivizzano’s main  square, I walked down Via Nationale towards Fornaci. I made it as far west as Ponte all’Ania.  Ponte all’Ania is an easy walk, with several little shops and cafe’s along the way. At Ponte all’Ania, where the road curves into town, there is a nice little cafe’ / coffee shop facing the stream bank on the south side of the road. It was very nice. David and Samantha took me over to Ghivizzano Alto this evening, where there was a community talent show. Today it was warm, about 88-90, but pleasant. This evening, at the show, after the sun went down, it got cold… maybe down to 60F or so. It was so cold (and I did not bring a jacket) that I walked home before the show was over.