July 21


This morning was cool and a bit foggy. It is the first day I have been up at dawn to see it (can I still use the jet lag excuse?).
The days are warm and pleasant, and the nights cool off nicely. I went over to Dico this morning to get a few things. They had a good sale on some fruit and vegetables. I was eying some red bell peppers, but missed my chance when the people ahead of me took what was left. I will go earlier next time.
Today is Tuesday, and it is market day in town. I walked down around 11 am; it was not crowded at all, but many people were coming and going. Apparently they have moved the market site from the station road to a parking lot just west of Bar Sport, and on the other side of via Nazionale. A few food vendors, a few clothing vendors, etc., and pleasant to stroll around.