Aug 23


I continue my trips throughout Italy.


I went back to Lucca yesterday. The big news is that I found the market!!! I bought one item for 2 euro. Wow. The market is on the northeast corner of the old town, at the Porte S. Jocopo, and spreading out the gate to the ring road, and inside all the way along the east side down to Porta S. Elisa. Hundreds of vendors, lots of clothing, some toy junk, a few food vendors, and some fresh fruit and vegetables too.


After stopping on the wall park to have a little snack that I packed, and to read my book, I headed to the the Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi. It is a nice, quiet museum. I especially liked the first three rooms with the ancient Etruscan artifacts, dating back to the 8th century BC.


I next stopped at the botanical garden, in the southeast corner of the old town. Apparently this was a scientific garden established many years ago by a benefactor of a local University, for the support of the study of botany. Now it is used as a collection point for rare and unique species. The garden is nice, but not as big as I thought it was. They do have a very good collection of tree and shrub species, as well as a good garden of culinary herbs. A real prize in the garden is the HUGE old Ginkgo Bilboa tree. Not sure how old it is, but it is massively huge. This is the male tree, while the female tree has been relegated to a spot just outside the Porte S. Elisa gate, because of its very smelly fruit.



I am planning to go to Aulla on Tuesday, and see what I can see.