I had one last, little adventure today. A bit unexpected, but incredibly enjoyable and amazing. It involves the Torrenta Turrita Cava, the small tributary to the Serchio River, to the west of Piano de Coreglia.

 As I was returning from Ponte al’Annia this afternoon, I saw across the river a small slit in the rock of the mountains, where a small tributary river comes into the Serchio. I had seen this on a detailed map of this area I bought. Although it was late afternoon, I had time to go over and investigate this little river and the road leading up to it. There was a sign for the Torrento Turrita Cava. I turned left and went about 100 meters, and then took a right turn on a small road, leading up a switchback road. Not too far, though, it rose a bit, and then flattened out, and turned inward to the mountain. This is a narrow gorge, with steep walls, and heavily wooded. In a short distance the road came to the small hydroelectric dam built on the river. Behind the dam is an amazingly beautiful blue/green lake, narrowly winding back between the lush sides of the little, steep canyon. The road continued along the left (south) side of the lake, and I could not help but follow it.  Winding, on and on, along this paradise of a place. You see, once you reach the dam, you have entered this entirely different world, and left behind the wide open space of the Serchio River valley. This place is lush, park like, undeveloped, and hidden from Ghivizzano or Piano de Coreglia. It is hard to see from the outside, but once you are in it, you see it is expansive, going back for many kilometers.

I biked on. Amazed at what I had found. And kicking myself that I only had found it now, the evening before I leave! If I had only known!!! This is a little slice of pristine forest/wilderness right on the doorstep of Ghivizzano..

My big regret for this little adventure is that I did not have my camera with me. And so for future Casa La Pace guests, please put this little excursion near the top of your list of things to do around Ghivizzano. It is such a remarkable, but seemingly hidden, treasure so near to the town. I fear my words did not do justice to the beauty of this lake, stream, and mountain gorge.  The high mountain walls were so beautiful along the way. There is a bald face mountain top that is visible from Casa La Pace. Going along this road takes you right beneath that bald face. Amazing. And when I was coming back, high up on the south side, on the edge of the mountain was a solitary castle or bell tower. It would be fun to discover where that is.

This was a wonderful last adventure for me in my time at Casa La Pace. It was a perfect way to wrap up my stay. I hope when you come to stay, you will have the pleasure of many amazing little adventures yet to be discovered here.

Again and again,  I want to thank the owners of Casa La Pace for their kindness, generosity, and opening their home to me. It was such a great adventure and stay that I hesitate about going back home. I came here to stay for a few days and extended my stay by weeks because it was just so wonderful. I hope to return someday soon.

Thank you Casa La Pace.