By mid-July, we established a rhythm and routine for the work we had to do.  We had a rental car, so some days we went furniture, light, or paint shopping. Other days we hardly stepped foot outside the house.  Here’s what I wrote a couple of weeks on:

The breakfast room is now complete! (Please ignore the lack of furniture on which to actually consume breakfast).  As I may have mentioned, we (Pepper) decided to paint it a sunflower yellow. (The name on the can is ‘ginseng’, but I have no idea what part of a ginseng is this color, do you?)  There was enough paint left over so we also painted the kitchen.  The results were great and Pepper said repeatedly, “I am loving this color”.  I must say that I’ve never noticed before what a difference a coat of paint to have on a room.  The entrance into the breakfast room and the door into the kitchen are archways, which we decided to paint white.  I think the effect is very ‘clean’.
On our various shopping trips, we’ve also been buying light fixtures.  As we’d see one we liked, we’d pick up the box (or, in one case, the bubble-wrapped beast).  At home, it was  tucked in the corner of one of the as-yet-unfinished bathrooms.
The electrician repeated said, ‘when you have lights, call me. I’ll come right over, since I live just down the hill’. Since the walls had been painted, we called the electrician on Friday.  As typical for Italy (and maybe in the U.S. too), Allesandro couldn’t come Friday nor Saturday, and then not even Monday.  He finally arrived yesterday afternoon and installed all of the lights for the breakfast room and kitchen.  To me the lights really added the finishing touch to the breakfast room.  And we can now see in the kitchen (though we can’t cook yet – but that’s another story).
Today we painted some more.  It’s odd that the end result of 4 hours of painting is only part of a hallway…….