I wrote this in early July, not long after we arrived.  The house was almost complete – the 3 new bathrooms remained to be done – and now our work began.

I feel good because today we finished our first  task!
Our house is 3 stories and there is an internal staircase.  The Albanians (the workers who performed the renovations) sand-blasted the iron railings.  When we arrived, the railings looked better than before, but definitely needed painting.  I originally had that as task #77 (give or take). But the Albanians informed me that they couldn’t apply the sealant to the stairs until the railings were painted.  Paint can be removed from bare stone, but not from the sealant, it seems.  (Do you think they sized me up as a mess-maker and klutz?)
In conclusion, the railings on the stairs are now a nice graphite color (not glossy, but with a hint of shimmer).
Only 124 tasks to go!